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The Old Days....

Happy New Year!!  This is me on New Year's Eve 1999
(I had to work that night to start testing computer programs at 12:01 AM! How Fun!

DanielY2k_sm.jpg (105308 bytes)

Thanksgiving 2000 at my sister's family home in Paso Robles
(My chow "Tashi Delek" and their Sheltie "Dusty" along for the ride...

I was all over the place on the 4-wheeler!  FUN!!!
Daniel & Niece Alexis With the Family


A splendid day in August 99.. not too hot... perfectly sunny.... 


Goofing around after work in August ready for Kick Boxing Class


Preparing the table for a delicious gourmet meal for 4th of July


Visit my giant photography series website .....

Nature Photo Virtual Tours

..... featuring Yosemite, The Florida Keys, and The Southwest

Blading in Yosemite Valley with the Apron in the Background the day before big slide in June!  If you like to rollerblade.. give me  a shout... looking to start a blading group to tear up the streets of Visalia...

YosemiteBlading_small.jpg (1897 bytes)  YosemiteBlading2_small.jpg (3902 bytes)

Atop Yosemite Falls @ 7,000 Feet In September 1998

YosePanDaniel.JPG (36350 bytes)

This is the same photo, but is 200k and around 1700x1100!  But very Awesome Panoramic!

YosePanDanielLg.jpg (202477 bytes)

 Blast From The Past
I just turned four.  I already had my own phone...
littlebrat.jpg (101587 bytes)

At age 17... enjoying a day at the park... on a model shoot.. I never liked it...
Daniel82.jpg (172750 bytes)

And at age 25 on tour with XochiMoki - New Age Band
DanielOnTour.jpg (161271 bytes)

Dinner at the exquisite Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Eldorado.jpg (36032 bytes)

This is really easy to use software for students!
I used this at Coleman College and got all All A's!!!

Click for Free Download of Flowchart Software

Click for Free Download of Flowchart Software


Hiking in the mountains high above Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dan-Dog.jpg (56783 bytes)

In Beautiful St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, enjoying the beaches

StThomas.jpg (104987 bytes)

Traveling in Mexico, a Juarez street market.  Great Mango Shakes !! (Batidos)

Juarez.jpg (122753 bytes)

Enjoying the night life in Santa Fe, New Mexico

My Friend Sonnet's Trip To Ireland

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